Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Products in Chicago

Get the products and parts you need by relying on AIR PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT COMPANY for commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We carry an assortment of HVAC and air conditioning products in Chicago from many reputable manufacturers. 


Access Doors, Access Panels Ruskin
Air Blenders/Air Rotation Kees
Air Curtains-Door Heat Powered Aire
Air Measuring and Control Ruskin
Air Pollution Equipment AAF Flanders
Air Scrubbers
Air Systems Zoned Titus
Cabinet Unit Heaters Berko
Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide Monitoring Systems Critical Environment Technology
Chilled Beams  Titus
Coils, Electric Duct Thermolec
Dampers, Remote Operator Metropolitan Air Technology
Dampers, Air Volume, Backdraft Control Ruskin
American Aldes
Metropolitan Air Technology
Dampers, Fire, Smoke Ruskin
Dampers, Constant Volume Regulators American Aldes
Displacement Air Distribution Titus
Ducts, Air Distribution Fabric DuctSox
Dust Collection System Sternvent
Energy Recovery Equipment Loren Cook
American Aldes
Exhaust, Welding Car-Mon
Exhaust Carbon Monoxide, Vehicle Car-Mon
Fans, Ceiling Mounted Loren Cook
American Aldes
Macro Air

Delta Breez
Zoo Fans

Fans, Industrial Car-Mon
Loren Cook
Fans, Laboratory Exhaust Loren Cook
Fans, Roof Exhaust Loren Cook
Fans, Centrifugal Car-Mon
Loren Cook
Fans, Destratification Macro Air
Zoo Fans
Fans, Inline, Vane Axial Loren Cook
Fans, Plug Type Loren Cook
Filters, Air HEPA ULPA AAF Flanders
Air Scrubbers
Filtration Unit, Air Carbon, Clean Room AAF Flanders
Air Scrubbers
Gas Detection Systems Critical Environment Technology
Gas Heaters Direct Fired HTHV Cambridge Engineering
Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers Titus
Heat Trace Raychem
Heaters, Electric Baseboard, Wall, Ceiling Berko
Hoods Exhaust Kees
Hoods Gravity Roof Loren Cook
MK Plastics
Humidification Devices Herrmidifier
Kitchen Air Handling and Ventilation Kees
Air Scrubbers
Louvers Ruskin
Make-Up Air Units Cambridge Engineering
Refrigeration, Oxygen Sensors Critical Environment Technology
Sound Control, Absorption, Attenuators, Acoustic Silencers Vibro-Acoustics
Spiral Duct Lynx (Lindab)
Terminal Units, Variable, Constant Volume Titus
Unit Heaters Berko
Underfloor Air Distribution Titus
Underground Duct AQC Blue Duct
Variable Frequency Drives/Motor Starters Franklin Control Systems
VAV and Fan Powered Boxes Titus
VAV Diffusers Acutherm
Vibration Isolators, Seismic Restraints Vibro-Acoustics

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