Stock Products

Diffusers & Grilles

Diffusers have one of the most important functions in HVAC systems; they control the pattern of airflow in an occupied space. Our air distribution products are manufactured to produce the highest occupant comfort as efficiently as possible.

Terminal Units & Parts

Air Products offers several types of terminal units that match any style of mechanical system. We also offer most parts here locally, so that you can turn over your job quicker and with less headaches.

Air Duct Accessories

Fire Dampers, Balancing Dampers, Access Doors, and Silencers

Fans & Ventilators

Roof-Mounted Centrifugal, Inline, and Ceiling fans for maintaining proper exhaust at low sound levels

Starters & VFDs

Motor Starters and Variable Frequency Drives, available in a variety of voltages and horsepower ratings

Heaters and Cambridge Replacement Parts

Industrial and Architectural heaters to provide comfort in any space